This group format of Life Coaching is for those of you who want to gain clarity, work through your limiting belief patterns and feel confident to make decisions so you can elevate yourself to the next level.  

In today’s modern world, it’s difficult to do hard things like start a new career or take chances on new things when it’s so much easier to procrastinate and over-indulge in instant gratifications.  

If you want to build a strong, peaceful and resilient mindset so you can face any difficult situation without having to rely on unsustainable instant pleasures, you can.  By learning how to manage your mind, process your emotions and release bottled up negative energies, you can step into your true self without feeling stressed, overwhelmed or guilty.

You can learn the amazing benefits of self-awareness and the best life tools to help you make lasting transformations without wasting anymore time and energy.

If you want to:

  • Feel better
  • Reduce stress
  • Be confident
  • Have more time and energy to do the things they love
  • Speak your truth
  • Show up in full presence as YOU
  • It’s time for you to stop holding yourself back from a life of fulfillment and to serve yourself and others with your infinite potential!

We are in this together.  This is a safe space to work through your own blocks while you learn, share and empower the collective group.



Why do we people please?

We want to be liked.
We want to be accepted.
We want to belong.

We don’t need anyone to recognize or acknowledge us.
That’s not their job.
It’s an inside job.
. . . . . . . .


Monday June 3, 2019
Start: 6:00pm PST
End: 8:00pm PST


Online Using Web Browser via Zoom Call Link (Please click this link to activate call on your browser


$25/person (GST included)



Do you have trouble making decisions?

Take a moment and think about something you’ve been humming and haaaaahing about.

Now think about how much time it has taken you to make that decision.
How much time could you save if you knew how to make decisions efficiently with confidence?
You would gain hours or days of time!

It’s important to understand why it takes you a certain amount of time to make a decision.
What is the one thing that’s holding you back from making a choice?

. . . . . . . .


Thursday June 6, 2019
Start: 6:00pm PST
End: 8:00pm PST


Waves Coffee House
100-900 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC


$25/person (GST included)
Optional: Cash can be paid at time of session (please email me at to RSVP.)

Andrea M.

“The ability to challenge your own beliefs is critical. That part surprised me. You need the mindset, the fundamentals figured out first. I think about my own clients. I’m not going to spec out furniture for clients until I know what my clients’ needs are. Changing belief patterns could be hard to do and not something you can recognize for yourself. I recognized what was holding me back.

If you are not conscious, you are going through life blind-sighted. Your path forward could be biased, you believe that you’re right and you have no idea.

It’s a recognition of your identity of who are where you are in this time and place right now.

I feel more awake, aware and more present after working with Vanessa. I am more relaxed and hopeful about my future. I have more joy, day to day.”

Lindsay K.

“Before I began working with Vanessa, I was less aware of how many thoughts I was having that were unhelpful to my health, relationships, and the growth of my business.

She skillfully led me to a greater vision of what my life could be.

Vanessa brought the value of self awareness to me, which is improving my relationships and my health. Being that those are two pillars of my joy, her work with me has been a huge gift!!

She helped me uncover beauty that I didn’t have the tools to access without her coaching.  She pinpointed thoughts and emotions that were leading to unwanted actions, and this awareness has truly been life-altering for me!

I uncovered layers of myself that have always been there, but are now finding the courage to shine forth and shout out!”


Vanessa Leung is a Life and Wellness coach who helps compassionate and creative leaders to drop their “I WANT TO but I CAN’t” identities, live strong in the truth and unleash their infinite potential for greatness.  

There is no thing more powerful than the mind.  Vanessa teaches you to think based on LOVE vs. FEAR so that we can allow the flow of abundance we are all meant to receive with less stress and more joy.

Working through over 30 years of self-doubt, Vanessa is a living example of what the power of the mind can do.  Through brain training and getting really good at self-compassion, she self-healed her symptoms of fatigued adrenals, depression and poor gut health.

Vanessa’s purpose is to guide you to reconnect to your TRUE SELF, so that you show up not only to serve others at your best, but to live freely and step into the fullness of who you are.

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