Why you might be looking in the wrong place in order to "STAY FOCUSED."

Asking for other people's opinions, drowning yourself in educational material, trying to drill positive thoughts into your brain isn't going to help you get more done.  Learn why you already have the best resource available to you right now and what you can do to start getting more done in less time.

Why your overwhelm repeats over and over in a vicious cycle.

First step in making any change starts with self-awareness.  By identifying the root cause to your overwhelm, you can then proceed to shift your energy to one that serves you better.

How you can start to feel better emotionally, mentally and physically moving forward.

Discover the 5 best ways to save more time and energy so you can focus on showing up as your best self in your business without sacrificing your life and well-being.

How to prioritize and to get more done while having more fun.

There is only one thing you need to master in order to get your life organized and actually enjoy your work.  I will share my #1 approach to having your own back and moving forward with confidence in your life and business.

How to build strength and resilience to overcome overwhelm for good.

You will learn the one simple and practical solution you need to stop spiralling, honour your business and loved ones and elevate yourself to the next level. 

"Your workshop has already changed my life- yes, my experience of my (same) life has already changed.

I was BLOWN AWAY by your workshop. I have learned so much- I can't even describe it! You nailed my issue(s) and presented it in a way that I've never heard before- and so useful. I am IN!

I can't believe it... and if that's the intro to the "real/substantial" work, then you are the answer to my 2 decade quest in the personal and spiritual development world. I made a decision that I am worthy. Just because I am. I am therefore worthy of investing in myself for no other reason than that! 😀
I am so much free-er and lighter! You have already changed my life (and by consequence, my husband's and my kids' life) in so many ways.

This needs to get into as many people's hands (and minds!) as possible!"

Maureen D.


Vanessa Leung is a Mindset + Spiritual Life Coach and the creator of the EAS Self-Mastery Method, a progressive new way of being confident and courageous to live freely as your true self, in the life you want to live.


Vanessa is on a mission to help thousands of high achieving creatives to connect with their limitless potential to succeed in life and business with ease.  Her practice of mastering her own fears and her ability to ignite the same power in her clients, has helped her clients tune in to abundance in their careers and feel more peace, freedom and connection with themselves and their loved ones.


She helps her clients create more time for self-care, take massive action towards their goals and show up as they are meant to be without the mind games and self-sabotage.  Her clients are able to make life-altering decisions with confidence, self-compassion and grace.  They can trust in themselves to follow-through with their desires, all while enjoying the experience of creating the life they want to live. Fearless and powerful.


There's only one skill you need to move forward with confidence.  

Are you ready to master your business and stop feeling overwhelmed?


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