Deliberate Self-Intimacy in a Love Letter to Yourself

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Have you ever written yourself a love letter?

It comes in handy when I find myself running into a loop of nagging thoughts about where "I should be, what I should be doing, how I'm supposed to do it, and who I'm should be more like."  

For all those times when I've had enough of being a normal human being with normal self-imposed 'should's,'  and I'm ready for a change, I remind myself that, "I've just tuned into a different radio station for awhile."

When I can't seem to put my finger on the dial to change it, I ask for grace and write a love letter to myself.

I let LOVE lead and the letter to send a new frequency.

Naturally, the radio station changes.

INVITATION: Write yourself a love letter this week and see what happens. You might be surprised.


Live freely as you,

xo Vanessa



Self-intimacy is deliberate. 

I've learned to bare all with who I am, the lows, the highs and everything in between. 

I love that I can allow sadness to be and not cover it up with busy-ness or being in other people's business.

I can hold myself and just let me be. 

It's one of the most rewarding feelings ever. 

You can have this love for yourself as well. 

It's soft and gentle with just enough edge to fire you up when you're ready to create more. 

I invite you to say YES to YOU and embody DELIBERATE SELF-CONFIDENCE today. Register for your free experience here.


Vanessa Leung is a Master Fear Whisperer and Peaceful Warrior, creator of the Self Mastery Experience and the owner of 80/20 Living & Co. 

With her background as a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Energy Practitioner, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Interior Designer, Vanessa teaches simple and practical tools to help leaders like you stress less, focus more, and love hard on who they are in life and business.

Follow-through on what you want in your life, the way you want to, even with fear knocking at your door. 

She helps you get right down to the root cause of all your fears, doubt, shame, guilt, overwhelm and self-doubt so you can express the fullness of who you already AM. 

SUCCESS and EASE is your birthright.  

Being the best version of yourself without the mind games is a skill you can learn and master. 

Vanessa helps you lead powerfully as your whole-hearted self by letting go of the procrastination, people-pleasing and perfectionism in a way that is compassionate and self-loving.  You learn how to settle into being someone who naturally has more fun, more time and space to enjoy the things you love.

In every Self Mastery experience you deliberately choose, you uncover a deeper trust in yourself to follow-through on your deepest deepest desires and goals with ease.  You learn how to own your fears, make decisions with confidence, and master your own unique process.

There's only one skill you need to move forward with confidence.  

SELF MASTERY is the remembering of the infinite bring that you are. 

When she’s not deep in co-creation, you’ll find her deep in the forest with her fur-love, Barley, or in the kitchen with her partner cooking up a storm.

Her power statement is I AM IN IT NOW.

Are you ready to live in SELF-MASTERY?

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