How to prioritize when everything is a priority.


How are you feeling today?  Are you feeling pressured to do more and feel a little at a loss because routines are off?


Don’t worry.  I’ve got you.  


Give yourself 5 minutes to pause for you. 

Give yourself 5 minutes to pause for you. 


I promise you you can gain clarity here.  

I can help you break it down through this email.


Take out a pen and a piece of paper.  (Doesn’t matter what kind, just do it.)

There’s only one thing you’re going to focus on (after you finish this email).


What is it?

Write it down.


If you feel stuck here, it's because your brain wants to give you an overwhelming list of things to choose from.


Write that list down.  I don’t care if you already have a list somewhere else.  Write everything down from your mind onto this piece of paper.  Stick with me here. Write ALL YOUR THOUGHTS down even if they are not to-dos.


Once you have it written down, have a look at this list.


What do you see?

What is your thought about this list?


Write down the first sentence that comes to mind.

This one sentence is the reason why you will take action or do nothing.


Everything on this list has no meaning until you have a thought (opinion/judgement) about it.


Look at the list again and try on the following thoughts and check to see if your energy shifts.


  • “I get to do everything on this list.”  
  • I can choose to do what’s on this list or I can choose not to do it.”


What is one thing on your list that you can do next that will help you accomplish something else you want done?

Choose that one thing and decide it’s done.


The simplest way to prioritize when everything seems to be a priority is to 

CHOOSE ONE THING, DECIDE THAT IT’S DONE and then take the first action that will get you there. Then the next step, on and on, forward you go.


Life is uncertain, ALWAYS.

The human brain wants to overcomplicate everything.

Fear will always tell you simple is too easy.  Don’t trust it. Pause and question it.


This is how you move forward and live freely as your genuine self.


Want to learn how to prioritize your life?  

There is only one skill you need to power through with ease.


This is not another time management tool, it’s better than that.


Join me in my free video class:  How to Prioritize + Focus on You and you will learn to master the one skill that will help you prioritize and let go of the people-pleasing perfectionist in you so you can focus on what you love.


You can build the successful business you want and take care of your family with this key thing.  Above all, it will help you focus on taking time out for you.


See you there.


Vanessa Leung is a Certified Mindset and Wellness Coach, Speaker, Blogger, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki energy practitioner and the founder of 80/20 Living & Co.

As a self-healer of over 30 years of doubt, guilt and fear, Vanessa is a living example of what the power of the mind can do.  Through mind training and practicing self-compassion, she went from living a life feeling lonely, insignificant and depressed to a life of joy, freedom and abundance.

Vanessa teaches a simple and practical method to help ambitious and compassionate entrepreneurs to stop negative patterns and get sh*t done with ease.  Her unique set of tools and techniques help her clients move beyond their fears and elevate their energy and confidence.  That way, they can stop sacrificing their well-being and succeed in their business while living their best life.

Are you ready to live in abundance?

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