3 truths you need to know about financial freedom.


Most entrepreneurs that I work with don’t want to worry about money.  They want to have a sense of control over their financial stability.  They want making money to be fun rather than a nagging reminder of what they might not be doing enough of.

What I remind them of (and what I will share with you here) is that financial freedom is a concept, an identity that you get to define and create.  It’s a type of relationship that you get to have with money no matter where you are in your life.  The following are three truths about financial freedom that can help you move forward with more confidence, plus a bonus self-awareness guide for you at the end.



Claiming "I want financial freedom," is not going to create financial freedom. 


Money is an energy that is created by the thoughts you have about money.

When you tell yourself “I want financial freedom,” you are unconsciously telling yourself similar thoughts to:

  • "I am trapped by money." 
  • “Money has power over me.”
  • “I don’t have enough money. I want more.”

The energy that arises from these thoughts are those of victim or scarcity mentality.

You are the creator of your money wealth.  You can shift your money energy to receive abundance.

If you want to manifest more money than what you have now, first acknowledge the money that you do have.  

No matter how hard you work or how diligent you are at visualizing making $1,000,000, you cannot attract more of what you don’t believe you have.

$0 x $1,000,000 = 0

“Wherever your energy flows, abundance grows.”  The Universe always provides more of what you vibrate more of.  Start with appreciating the money that you have at this moment.  This will open your heart up to receiving more of what you appreciate.

Thank every exchange of money you make.

Thank the money you offer to buy food at a restaurant.

Thank the value you receive from investments.

Thank every payment you receive.

Decide right now to be someone who appreciates having money and notice how the Universe provides.



If you had all the financial freedom in the world, you would still want the same things. 


In what ways would your experience of life be different if you had all the financial freedom in the world?  How would you be different?


  • “I would be more successful.“
  • “I would be more secure.“
  • “I would be happier and freer.”


What you want is an experience of being an emotion which is created by your thoughts.  

At the end of the day, even if you achieve everything you want to achieve and have all the money that you want, you will still want the same things.  The things you want from financial freedom will always be energetic states of being.   


This is the best news because you don’t have to continue trying to push yourself to do all the hard things and wait till you achieve a certain status in your career to create financial freedom.  


You get to choose to be and live as the person who creates financial freedom right now, no matter where you are in your life.  


Just by changing your beliefs about who you are at this moment, you can shift from a person who is WANTING financial freedom to BEING a person who has everything they need to create financial freedom.   


Last year, I had made a decision to shift my story of I WANT TO be good with my money, to BEING great at managing money.  The moment I made the decision to shift my beliefs about myself, I started to take actions as this financially abundant person without pushing myself hard to do it.


I was more aware of my money, I did things I always wanted to do - I hired a financial coach, I tracked my numbers, I kept up with my bookkeeping, I made large investments and more than 5x my revenue.  I naturally created the evidence that I was great with managing my money and am experiencing financial freedom in my life.  


I still want the same things.  I want to continue feeling expansion in my life and create more of what I have.

There are still some days when my fear brain goes into scarcity mode and worries about losing it all.  But all I need to do is pause, look at my thoughts, and remind myself that I know exactly how to manage it.  


You can choose to stop wanting and choose to be the person that experiences and creates financial freedom now.  I am here to show you how.



Financial freedom is a choice. 


How often do you think the following thought?


“My life would be better if I didn’t have to worry about money.”


Every time this thought runs through the mind, you have 2 choices.


  1. To believe in it and then proceed with worrying about money.
  2. Question it and choose whether it’s a belief you want to live in.


Financial freedom isn’t an outcome/result.  It is a creative process.


I choose not to worry about money because worrying about money does not create more money.  


You get to define what financial freedom means to you and you get to create it right now. 


You can believe that: 

  1. It’s a source of my worries” and do nothing about it, or 
  2. You can believe that “it’s a process that I’m creating” and experience yourself creating the evidence by taking action.


You can choose a thought that works for you or you can choose a thought that doesn’t work for you. 


Decide right now.  Worry or create?


If financial freedom is what you want to create, you can start by using this Mindset Shift guide to help you.  This guide will step-by-step prompts and questions to help you uncover your current money mindset or financial freedom story so that you can start shifting your thought pattern and feel more at peace with money.


Vanessa Leung is a Certified Mindset and Spiritual Life Coach, Speaker, Blogger, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki energy practitioner and the founder of 80/20 Living & Co.

As a self-healer of over 30 years of doubt, guilt and fear, Vanessa is a living example of what the power of the mind can do.  Through mind training and practicing self-compassion, she went from living a life feeling lonely, insignificant and depressed to a life of joy, freedom and abundance.

Vanessa teaches simple and practical tools to help high achieving entrepreneurs to succeed with ease and get sh*t done without the mind games. She helps her clients get right down to the root cause of all their Fears. Her clients are able to own their fears, make decisions with confidence, trust in themselves to follow-through and create abundance in their life and business. Fearless and powerful.

Are you ready to live in abundance?

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