Think about one thing that you want to change about yourself.


How is it a pattern or theme in your life?


For example, I’ve been working on allowing myself to be as I am without trying to “fix” myself.


I grew up as a great fixer-upper.  Always solving problems.


Well, it showed up in how I treated myself and how I treated everything else in my life.


  • If something was not put back where it was supposed to go, I had to fix it right away.


  • If my website was not in the right format, I had to fix it right away.


  • If my spouse was not feeling well, I had to help him fix it right away.


It showed up everywhere!


How you do one thing is

how you do everything.


Before we try hard to change ourselves by doing a lot of yoga, listening to a lot of podcasts and attending a lot of seminars…..

We have to get down to the ROOT CAUSE of what we want to change.


What is the one thing that got you there?


Guess what?  

It’s never what you think it is.


It’s not because the same circumstances happen to you.

It’s not because it’s just the way you have always been.


It’s this.




This ONE THOUGHT, when unconsciously practiced and repeated over and over again, then becomes a BELIEF.




I had practiced this thought so often, it seriously felt true to me.

PLUS I had all these other thoughts that would support my belief.


  • If I knew how to fix it right away, I could.
  • It seems silly to leave things be if it’s wrong.
  • It’s better to be right than wrong.


I can sense some of you are in the pool with me and totally agree right?!


But here’s the thing.


While I was busy going around trying to fix everything in my life, I never stopped to experience my life.


I spent so much time and energy trying to fix the little things (that didn’t matter) that I didn’t pay attention to the big things in my life that did matter.


If we keep doing the same thing over and over again, we can’t expect to get a different result


This is WHY I want to DELIBERATELY FOCUS my attention and energy on practicing a new thought like “I love myself no matter what happens” which then drives me feel self-compassion.


I can love myself as I am.

I can allow the little things go so I have more time for the big things.

I can allow myself that freedom.


What is one belief about yourself that you want to change?

What would you want to believe instead?


Love and empowerment to you XO,

Vanessa Leung

Vanessa Leung is a designer-turned-mindset coach who helps creative business owners to spend less time and energy in overwhelm and more focus on living their highest potential.  Vanessa is an expert at guiding you to speak your truth and feel confident to create anything you put your mind to.


Working through over 30 years of self-neglect, Vanessa is a living example of what the power of the mind can do.  Through brain training and getting really good at self-compassion, she self-healed her symptoms of fatigued adrenals, depression and poor gut health.


Vanessa’s mission is to help you live your life deliberately, so you can show up not only to serve others at your best, but to serve yourself in the fullness of who you are.

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