Hello! Tina here!


I am taking over Vanessa’s post today in hopes to...

inspire you to take time out FOR YOU!


Before I started working with Vanessa, I had trouble focusing on myself and believing in what I thought was right for myself.  

It was difficult for me to not think about what other people thought of me.


I definitely see a change in myself with Vanessa’s guidance.  

The most significant change I saw in myself is the decrease in my emotional and mental stress.  


I have more self-control over my emotions now.  

I am able to center myself when my mind wants to go crazy.  

I am thinking more deliberately now and I am able to plan for things ahead of time.


We get too caught up in our daily lives, work and family, and don’t make time to center ourselves and think about what we want.  My time with Vanessa is time for myself.


It’s important for me to take the time to evaluate my mind and think about how to improve different aspects in my life which can impact the people around me.


We all need that person who can help us learn more about ourselves.  

Someone who can reassure you and be a cheerleader.  I don’t mean a life partner, but a life coach. Someone who is continually challenging our thinking to be the best version of ourselves.  


Vanessa is someone I can be completely open and vulnerable with.


There is not many people that can offer their time and guidance which is priceless.  


The value I gained is priceless.  


Do you have that person in your life?


Tina Wang

Saxophonist + Pianist . Performing Artist . Educator.


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