She taught me this…

One of the amazing benefits of my work is that I not only receive the enjoyment of witnessing my client’s transformations, but I also get to be their student.  They are my best teachers.

In order to be brave, you must have courage.  In order to be courageous, you must feel fear and build resilience to get back up after you fall.

Today I would like to acknowledge one of my bravest clients, Andrea McLean for her COURAGE.  

Andrea is a kind-hearted, driven and a passionate mother of two beautiful daughters.  She runs her own practice as an Interior Designer and is a soon-to-be Registered Architect.  In addition, she is the co-founder of The Aviary, a co-working studio for creatives.

Andrea and I began our work together almost one year ago because she was looking for guidance to change her habits around body, health, fitness and maintenance of her autoimmune diseases.

I admire her courage to

  • overcome her fears and anxieties as a mom, wife, daughter, sister and entrepreneur.
  • question her own beliefs even when it seems easier to dwell in the past.
  • ask for help when she needs it.
  • back herself up in her decisions.
  • feel and process the discomfort that comes with growth and discovery.
  • educate herself to make worthy health and life choices.

Thank you Andrea for your grace and inspiration to work through your deepest fears.

Here are some of her shares about our journey together..

The health part, the list of symptoms, was just the beginning of our conversation.  It’s more than just the little checklist, it’s a whole holistic lifestyle.

The ability to challenge your own beliefs is critical.  That part surprised me. I thought I was going to get diet and supplement recommendations, but you need the mindset, the fundamentals figured out first.  I think about my own clients. I’m not going to spec out furniture for clients until I know what my clients’ needs are. Changing belief patterns could be hard to do and not something you can recognize for yourself.  I recognized what was holding me back.

I feel more awake, aware and more present.  I am more relaxed and hopeful about my future.  I have more joy, day to day.

If you are not conscious, you are going through life blind-sighted.  Your path forward could be biased, you believe that you’re right and you have no idea.

It’s a recognition of your identity of who are where you are in this time and place right now.”

I believe that Andrea is a great example of what’s possible.  She reminds me every time we meet, how our courage to own our story is what empowers us to keep moving forward.   

It’s MIND OVER MATTER.  The circumstances, the matter, are not what’s holding us back.  It’s our MIND and the story we tell ourselves.


Make loving yourself a passion XO,

Vanessa Leung


P.S. If you feel inspired by Andrea’s story and want to learn how to make time for you, let’s see if you’re a good fit for my program.


Photo Credit: Christine Pienaar Photography

Vanessa Leung is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach, Speaker, Blogger, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki energy practitioner and the founder of 80/20 Living & Co.

Mindset is everything!  Clearing over 30 years of doubt, guilt and fear, Vanessa is a living example of what the power of the mind can do.  Through mind training and practicing self-compassion, she self-healed her symptoms of depression, eczema, cystic acne, fatigued adrenals and poor gut health.  She lives a life of abundance based on LOVE vs. FEAR.

Vanessa’s purpose is to create awareness and share her self-healing tools to help high-achieving business owners to drop their “I WANT TO but I CAN’T” identity, live their truth and unleash their infinite potential for greatness.

Vanessa teaches a practical and simple solution to work through the root cause of all distractions.  Her clients learn how to build a strong resilient mindset so they can effectively work through any doubt, guilt or fear they face on a daily basis so they can focus their time and energy on serving others while living a fulfilled and healthy life.


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