Do you ever notice how your brain freezes or gives up when you say “I don’t know”?

Try it right now.

Think of something you have to make a decision on today (eg. what to eat for dinner), then say to yourself “I DON’T KNOW”.


Notice what happens?

It doesn’t even try to look for the answer.


It’s not until you think another thought like, “wait, I can ask GOOGLE” or “I can find out” does your brain explore other options.


One of the brain’s job is to protect us.

It protects us by accessing thoughts that keep us safe because anything new that we’ve never done before, the brain sees it as DANGER.


That’s why it will always work hard to give you evidence from your past whether something might work or not work for you.


When it can’t find evidence from the past, your brain defaults to safety, comfort and least effort.

“I don’t know” covers all the criteria.


When you don’t make a decision, you don’t take action, which means you stay in the same place.

It’s easy.

There’s no risk.

You don’t have to face discomfort.


But guess what?

Another job the brain has is to desire more for us to help us grow and evolve.


Your brain doesn’t register that being indecisive creates long term discomfort.

Staying safe in indecision doesn’t help us grow and evolve.


Saying “I don’t know” stops you from the chance to see what’s possible.


Yes, that means working through the discomfort of not knowing the outcome, but doing it anyways because you’re going to feel discomfort either way.


This brings me back to what I had shared with you last week.


Would you rather feel discomfort staying in the same place, feeling lost or stuck, or would you choose to feel discomfort knowing you will become a better version of yourself from it?


Let me know what happens the next time you say “I don’t know”.  

Get curious, notice if you remember what I shared?


Love and Empowerment to You XO,

Vanessa Leung

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