Stop beating yourself up. Anxiety. Negative thoughts.

Have a listen to your self-talk.  

  • Are you talking to yourself like you would to a loved one?
  • Why are you talking to yourself this way?  
  • What have you been believing since childhood?

As kids we do not have the emotional maturity to manage our mind or emotions.  Our thought patterns and beliefs back then were all learned, from our parents, school, friends, media, community etc.

I wish someone told me that at age 18, we could take responsibility of our thoughts and emotions.  

That we could stop blaming on our external triggers and go internally to find the source of our emotions, our thinking.  

That we could feel anything we wanted, at any time we wanted without relying on someone or something external to provide an emotion for us all.

That no one outside of us can hurt us emotionally.

Are you unconsciously choosing to think thoughts from your past right now that you’re beating yourself up with?

This is why I beat myself up.  I was unconsciously choosing to believe these thoughts since childhood, but now I know better.


I was hit with the handle end of a bamboo feather duster intermittently up till I was 7 years old.


“I’m not good enough.  There’s something wrong with me.  I need fixing.”




Continue to beat myself up - in my relationships, health and body.  Look for evidence in my life that “I’m not good enough. There’s something wrong with me.  I need fixing.”


I prove my thoughts that I am not enough.

My problem wasn’t because I was hit by a feather duster.  My problem was that I chose to think negative thoughts about my circumstance that wasn't helpful to me.


I had no idea that I was the architect of my own life suffering and that I had the power to stop the pain.  


This is what I choose to deliberately think now that creates amazing results in my life.



I was hit with the back end of a bamboo feather duster intermittently up till I was 7 years old.


“I am worthy.  Nothing has gone wrong.  Everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.”




I move forward, trust my life journey, send myself and loved ones love and compassion, embrace humanness.


I prove my thoughts that I am at peace and I love who and where I am.


Most of us don't realize our own creative power to change how we live because we have been telling the same story from our childhood.


We believe the evidence and proof of our past rather than believe something new and unfamiliar.

We have the power to think, feel and act however we want to.


Our past 'ONLY EXISTS IN OUR MIND when we think it'.  


We can choose to drown ourselves in thinking and believing our past defines us and continue to beat ourselves up; or we can choose to believe that we are not thoughts from our past, but what we choose to think right now.


We are all meant to exist on this earth to take this journey to awareness and unveiling our light.


What do you consciously and deliberately choose to think now?

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