Why do we get frustrated around certain people and not others? I'd like to offer this... 

Every person we meet in life is a mirror to us, they are a reflection, a teacher.  

We may not be the same person or have the same beliefs or have the same experiences, but we are reflections to each other in some shape or form.

When we look in front of a mirror of ourselves, we think, “I don’t like what I’m seeing” or “I like what I see!”  

The thoughts of “ugh look at those eye bags, look at that wrinkle, look at how drained you look…” are the same thoughts we can have when looking at someone else. We can easily point out their flaws.

Or it may be reflections in the form of what we actually want for ourselves “Oh look at how flawless her skin is, how amazing her hair is, look at how happy she is”.

This is all surface level stuff, so let’s go deeper.

Think about the last time you were frustrated with someone.

What is it about that person or what that person was doing or saying that you didn’t like?

Did it rub you the wrong way because there was some truth to it?  

Did you see a quality that you didn’t like in YOURSELF?  

Was there a quality that you wanted to change about YOU or was there remnants of a past identity of you that you no longer wanted to see?

Some of you are going to be feeling some resistance right now, thinking “no way I would never be like that person, act or say what they said, I would never do such a thing.”

At this moment I’d like to offer again that we are reflections of each other in some shape or form.  It may not be the exact same situation or circumstance, but take time to reflect.  

There is a always a lesson to be taken from the people around us.

BE THE LIGHT | You show up every day making an impact in someone else's life in some shape or form, even if you are not aware of it.  Please share the love & share the video/post with anyone you think might benefit from this.  Thank you for bringing LIGHT to possible darkness. #bethelight

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