This week's MINDSET MONDAY, I’d like to invite us to trust the process and to EMBRACE TIME, an extension of last week’s thought of how WHAT WE CHOOSE DOES MATTER in building healthy habits.

As much as I am grateful for the abundance of knowledge at the tip of our fingers, we have lost the appreciation for time, the process it takes to have something done well and to truly EXPERIENCE it.

We tend to choose the quick fix because we are given the instant access so easily!  We we want same day email replies and we have skip the line apps!  We get frustrated when we have to wait 5 SECONDS for a website to load!  We check our phones every minute.  “Why hasn’t this person replied to my text yet?  I see that they saw it!”  


Over the last while, I’ve been watching a lot of wildlife shows and it’s so amazing the amount of dedication and patience they have when waiting for their prey.   Some of them have not eaten for months but when they see their prey, they don’t pounce at them right away!  They are methodical, planning their route of attack and they EMBRACE TIME!

We have it so easy compared to them!  Their hard work, devotion, everyday habits determines their survival.  Unlike our wildlife counterparts, we have the time to live life and thrive.  Most of us are not worried about our next meal.  Survival of the fittest is a whole other meaning for us!

When we plant a seed, we expect it to grow into a full grown plant.  We are trusting that it will grow into  the tomato or the greens beans.  We know what to expect, but we rarely think about the process and time that it takes in between.

How do we react when we don’t see results right away?  We get frustrated, impatient and then we give up!  We trash it all and then go with the quick fixes, the instant gratification, the cover ups, without truly dealing with the root cause.

Our life, our health and our wants, require the same devotion as that crocodile waiting for the antelopes to get close enough for the ONE chance to bite.  When we trust the process and embrace the time it takes to cultivate it, only then can we can expect to flourish.

Do you want to survive or do you want to thrive?

*** YOU show up every day making an impact in someone else's life in some shape or form, even if you are not aware of it.  Please share the love & share the video/post with anyone you think might benefit from this.  Thank you for bringing LIGHT to possible darkness. #bethelight

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