Our circumstances are facts in our lives.  They are factual things that everyone would agree on.

For example: My name is Vanessa. I am the eldest child.  My parents are divorced. I am a life coach. I run my own business.

Circumstances are completely neutral.  

They do not make us feel a certain way or cause us any pain.  

It’s only when we apply a thought to the circumstance and make it mean something, does it cause us to feel which drives us to act and gives us the result.

Often times, we think that the circumstance is the cause of our problems and is causing us the pain.  

Sometimes we think changing the circumstance (like changing a job or moving away) will fix the problem, but it doesn’t.  It repeats itself again later. It’s a never-ending battle when we try to change them.

We do not have control over our circumstances.

Believing and thinking about things that we do not have control over leaves us feeling powerless.

The only thing we have control over is our thinking about our circumstances.

What are you making your circumstance mean?

Are you trying to change a result for something that you do not have control over?

Are you giving your power away by allowing another person to 'make you feel' a certain way?

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