Mt. Baker, WA. Photo Glen Quenneville

It’s truly amazing how every time we do something again, the experience is never quite the same the second, third, fourth time around.  There’s always something new!

Last weekend, I experienced skiing lessons for the third time (1st time this season).  I took so much away from this particular ski instructor that I had to write about it two parts.

Up to this point of my skiing adventures, I was still focused on trying not to drag my skis going from the ‘pizza wedge’ to ski pro ‘parallel skiing’.  

If you really want to learn how to challenge your thoughts, take on a new sport!  I had kept telling myself to get out of my head and just let my knees to do it’s thing.  YEAH RIGHT! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

The instructor then gave us a challenge to hold our ski poles across the top of both our hands held at eye level while skiing down the hill.  To top off the challenge, we were to imagine a row of our favourite most expensive drink (Balvenie 50 was my pick) lined up at the top of the ski poles that we had to try and balance WITHOUT SPILLING any of it!  


Thinking back now, I think I was more excited about the challenge than the fact that I might wipe out being so focused on the ski poles!  

I didn’t wipeout, rather, something amazing happened.  As I was progressing down the mountain, the bottom half of my body felt like it was gliding underneath me.  I noticed for a quick moment how natural it felt. I was parallel skiing!

By the time I got to the bottom of the slope, I was so proud that I hadn’t spilled any of my scotch PLUS I had finally learned how to ski!

I couldn’t help but think about how this relates back to why OUR BODIES ARE SO INCREDIBLE!  Without thought, the body knows exactly how to respond to its external environment! All we really need to do is to give it the space and time to do its job, like REGENERATION, REBUILDING and HEALING!

Too often, our busy minds try to take control of our healing bodies, thinking that there’s more to be done, trying to find other ways to 'fix' our body.  When we focus our mind away from the nagging thoughts of disappointment, impatience and expectations, and we focus on balancing by giving our body some L-O-V-E, we allow our body space to flow and glide to where it needs to be.

I invite you to listen to your body, give it lots of love, compassion and space.

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