Every single day I get to wake up to one of the best teachers of my life, Glen, the man of my dreams.

(I’m not kidding, he was in my dreams before I met him. More on this another time.)


I admire his drive, passion and perseverance to go for what he wants.

He sees the goal line.

He plans.

He puts it out to the universe.

He goes for it.

This weekend was a perfect example of his ability to manifest anything he wants.


Desired outcome:  

Attend first ever Seattle Seahawks Game for 40th birthday (next October).



Dates might not align with friends/family schedule.  May not happen.



“One way or another, I will end up at a game.”



Saturday night, Chewies Oyster Bar posted a call for entries to win.  Glen happened to see it.






Posted entries on his account, asked me to post an entry on my Instagram.



Believe . Ask . Receive


Special thanks to Chewies Oyster Bar and KFL Canada for the impromptu date day!

May you live in abundance + XO,

Vanessa Leung


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