I Was Dumped On Valentine’s Day

Image by Sidney Sims @fairytailphotography
YES, I was once dumped on Valentine’s Day!

Naturally from that day forward I had swore off Valentine’s Day. It had meant nothing to me except the memory of feeling hurt, abandonment and feeling sorry for myself.

Even when I was with someone new I would make a point not to celebrate this day.

Maybe in someway I felt that I didn’t deserve the love from someone else because clearly there must be something wrong with me… I was dumped on Valentine’s Day!

After quite a few years, I started noticing… instead of feeling sorry for myself that I wasn’t in a loving relationship, I started noticing all the happy couples around me.

They were amazing examples of the type of relationship that I wanted for myself.  

I started to shift my thinking and started to feel the love that those couples were expressing to each other.

I used my superpower, the ability to visualize and I started to focus on the vision that one day I too would be in a loving relationship just like them. Because heck I deserved it!  

I then changed my meaning of Valentine’s Day. It became a day for me.  

I knew deep down inside that I didn’t need someone else to love me in order feel love.

This day became a day to love myself and to celebrate being by myself.

The beauty that came out of all of this was my SELF-LOVE CHECKLIST.

I have this checklist posted up on my bathroom mirror and it has really helped me check in with myself daily.

It’s completely changed my life even if I don’t read it every day!  I see it and I know my subconscious mind can pick that up.

I’ve found that it’s made me a happier person and more loving to be around.


I would like to offer this gift and share the love with you.  I have put together a beautiful template and instructions on how you can build your own self-love checklist!


YOU show up every day making an impact in someone else's life in some shape or form, even if you are not aware of it.  Please share the love, share your comments below and share this post with anyone you think might benefit from this.  Thank you for spreading LIGHT to possible darkness. #bethelight


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