Have you ever written a love letter to yourself before? 

What would it say?

I wrote the following to myself after a week long of exhaustion from self-defeating thoughts and lack of self-care.  I wrote it as if it was a letter from my future self who is exactly where I want to be.


My future self wrote:

You are not afraid.  Sure, you will get nervous but it’s nervous excitement.  It is an anticipation for the shift about to happen.

You access unconditional love for yourself and others with ease and freedom.

You believe that everyone is a loving human being.

You have access to your inner guidance at anytime you want.  Just allow, listen and be.


Your work is impactful and you don’t need anyone to validate that for you.

Don’t stop what you’re doing.  Keep moving forward. Take it one step at a time.

Don’t overthink things just go for it.

No one can stop you expect you.


Be willing to suck at it before getting really good at it.

Stay failure-focused and you will make some huge transformations.

Failing over and over again will get you there faster.

Believing hard gets easier and quicker the more you practice.


Take time out for you always.

Breathe. Love yourself.

You are more resilient than you think.

You will be fine no matter what you do or what happens.


Start meditating daily on purpose.

Great wisdom will come from this.

You are a magnet more powerful than you know.

Rejoice every day.


You have everything you need right here, right now.

Believe in yourself.

You are 100% capable, worthy and loveable.

I believe this is one of the best ways to gain inner wisdom and guidance.  Perhaps you can try this on for yourself?


Live Freely XO,

Vanessa Leung

P.S. Who else in your life needs to hear this? Make an impact and share these words with them.

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