Overwhelm is a feeling that doesn’t serve you in any way.  

Overwhelm is an indulgent emotion.  

An indulgent emotion is a feeling that is comfortable to you.  

Your brain recognizes an indulgent emotion as a safe place.

It’s a safe place because you do not move, you do not grow and do not take massive action.

You just stay stuck in one place or in a vicious cycle of overwhelm.

When you feel overwhelm, you will avoid and buffer or resist and react through our external environment rather than go internally to feel better.

You will distract yourself with external buffers and false pleasures that give you instant gratification like Instagram, Netflix, over-drinking, over-eating, over-working, chocolate, or perfectionism.

When you resist the feeling of overwhelm, that’s when you might react by blaming, yelling, soak in self-pity or in self-destruct.

When we react from a negative emotions, we almost always get a negative result.

Did you know that by avoiding and resisting, you are only prolonging the feeling of overwhelm?

Did you know you can choose any emotion in the world to feel?

What if you just decide that you don’t have to like what you do, but do it anyways?

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