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Typically I would have a racing mind EVEN IF I had music or a podcast playing in the car.  Last week, I decided that I would experiment and start turning all audio off when I drove so that I can practice listening to my self-talk.  I chose to see what it would be like if I didn’t try to drown out my mind with a podcast and consciously listen my mind as an observer.

This morning, life presented me with a good challenge.  I had my tooth extraction check-up first thing and I had the intention that it was going to be an easy drive there, zip into town and back out.  

I wasn’t expecting to feel anxiety all morning.

The anxiousness started the moment I turn right onto to the main road and saw what seemed like a 6-block line-up to turn left onto the highway (where I wanted to go).  I thought “there’s got to be another way out of this.”

I decided then and there that I was going to practice feeling anxiety.  It was going to be my entertainment for the drive.

I allowed the tightness in my chest, tension in my shoulders, and the lump in my throat to be there.  These were the vibrations of anxiety familiar to me.

If you can sit with the vibrations in your body and feel the anxiety as just vibrations, you will notice the shift.

I felt the waves of anxiety lifting when I allowed it to be there.  When it lifted, I invited anxiety to come back.

I practiced allowing and feeling it again.  I noticed how it returned with every new thought that caused me feel anxious again.  

Anxiety is vibration felt in our body, always caused by a thought.

Driving road anxiety
Photo by Takahiro Taguchi

Here is some of my self-talk from the drive:

I should have left home earlier.

I had no idea that traffic could make me feel so anxious.

I have plenty of time to get to my appointment but I don’t want to be late.

I have to send out another email to my workshop attendees.

I have to call about that project.

I can tell that guy wants to cut in.  It’s not a race.

I think I’m feeling everyone else's anxiety around me.

I’ll only create more traffic braking, stopping and going.

The guy behind me must be wondering why I’m not speeding up.

We can choose to respond to anxiety in 3 different ways which will create 3 different results.  

anxiety response
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Shout at the traffic.

Result >>> Get angrier and feel powerless.  The feeling of anxiety is still there.


Blast the music and try to drown it out.

Result >>> Feel instant gratification from music, music stops, the feeling of anxiety is still there.


Allow and feel the vibrations of anxiety in your body.  

Result >>> The feeling lifts, it’s no big deal and we can move on.

Why do you feel anxious?  Are you reacting or resisting it?  Are you willing to process your anxiety?  

Give it a try and let me know what happens after!


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