Are fighting perfectionism? 

Are you claiming that you are perfectly imperfect, but deep down inside you don't quite believe it?  If you are a creative, I am talking to you!  You may want to ask yourself how this identity serves you.

Being a perfectionist was an identity and a belief for me.  

‘I am a perfectionist’ is a thought that meant that I show up being the best that I can be and being as independent and unique as I can be.  It meant there were no room for mistakes and that I had to correct myself everytime I did something wrong.

I was the only judge.

I thought that striving for perfection in all that I do before I present it to the world would get me the recognition that I felt I lacked.  I had to show that I was a good girl. That I was a smart girl.

When I knew I did my best, I approved of myself.

This identity had worked for me when I was young because it drove me to take action and risks on many things that I probably would have never tried if I didn’t have this belief.  But now, this belief no longer serves me.


I was not striving to be perfect.  I was fighting to be perfect.

I realized that my identity as a perfectionist was holding me back from evolving as an individual and moving forward with my projects.  I was procrastinating, wasting my time, avoiding and not actually getting what I wanted done done!

Being a perfectionist was an excuse not to fail.  It was an identity that allowed me to deny fear and doubt.  The end result was that I was not showing up authentically for my life.



  1. Recognize and acknowledge what it means to be a perfectionist.  How does the thought ‘I am a perfectionist’ make you feel and how does it serve you?
  2. Recognize, acknowledge and be grateful that you are human.  I believe there is a lot of power in asking yourself what it means to you the be human.  How do you show up for your life based on your definition of being human?
  3. Be kind to you.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Show compassion and love to yourself for being human.  When we have had a disempowering belief for so long, we don’t realize that it is far from the truth and that it can be changed.  Celebrate your self-awareness, your accomplishments and your growth thus far. Go with the flow and allow your inner guidance to show you the way.  What do you love about yourself?
  4. Choose and practice a new thought that serves you and empowers you to face fear and doubt with confidence consistently. Instead of ‘I am a perfectionist’, how about ‘I am human. Being human means that I can fall, get back up, learn, apply and be resilient to fear again and again’; or how about ‘I am worth it!”  What can you think today to honour yourself?
  5. Practice self-care.  This means YOU ARE NUMBER ONE!  In order for us to show up in full presence for our life, we must show up for ourselves first.  If we give from a place of lack (lack of healthy mind, body and soul) and we give our power and energy away to our external environment, we are left with feeling of emptiness and powerlessness.  How can you make yourself a priority so that you have more to give to others?  Make time for relaxation, reflection and appreciation all on YOU.  Clean your mind, dump out the negative and let it evaporate as love and light.

The beauty in life is its gift of many opportunities to learn.  It’s never too late to change. All that matters is that you have NOW to create the results you want for the rest of your life, however long that may be.  


I’d love to hear about your experiences with fighting perfection.  Please share your story in the comments below or head over to our community of empowerment THE ABUNDANCE LIFESTYLE MOVEMENT.

Special thanks to my teacher Brooke Castillo who helped me realize that I needed to take the time out to look at what it means to be a perfectionist.

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