Quote to help with stress time management

I was being impatient with myself for the last month, beating myself up mentally by feeling stressed and driving myself sick, all because I was thinking I was not where I thought I might be in my business.

It took a cough and a painful tooth infection to help me to check in with myself and notice these inhibiting thoughts.

Before you guys drive yourself silly about a desired result that you’re trying to achieve, here are a few thoughts I’d like to offer to help you.

"I am not in a rush, enjoy the process."

I've been practicing this thought every morning and night. It drives me to feel acceptance and peace with where I’m at and my progress. Therefore, I enjoy the progress, I allow for more space and time to take care of me and I can show up in full presence for my life.

This is the power of the mind. When you practice a new thought consciously and consistently, you end up reprogramming your brain to shift from limiting beliefs to beliefs that serve you.

Then the momentum begins and the power to change your results grow.

What you’ll start to notice is more evidence and synchronicities that align with the new thoughts and new beliefs.

A few nights ago, I happen to read a passage from Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth which gave me another perspective to a new thought. He wrote "quality requires presence” and it made me think about a new thought. Try this thought on with me.

"I apply quality to everything I do".

If we apply QUALITY to EVERYTHING we do, right down to pouring a glass of water, that attention and care that comes with quality naturally drives us to feel a positive feeling like focused, proud or accomplished.

Whatever that feeling is for you, it will likely drive you to take quality action and give you a result of being PRESENT IN THE MOMENT, enjoying the process, producing quality work and that feeling of being rushed is non-existent. No longer are you feeling pressed for time to get to the finish line.

VOILA! No stress!

This new thought then gave me an even deeper realization about my old habit of perfectionism. By choosing quality over perfection, we are focused on the present moment and the pressure of time is gone in that moment when we are immersed in producing quality work.

Choosing perfection typically drives us to feel stressed and waste time because it focuses our attention in the future. The future of uncertainty which our brain freaks out by. The end result will never be what we want it to be when we come from a place of negative emotion.

This leads me to my final thought on this topic.

“Nothing is worth more than this present moment.”

It’s never about the destination because wherever that destination is, it will eventually become the present moment. Instead of feeling miserable in stress and overwhelm, why not enjoy this present moment, enjoy the process and enjoy the journey along the way?

What do you think? Do these thoughts work for you and help you get out of the “stressed by time” pattern?

Is feeling the enjoyment of your work worth the time to practice these new thoughts?

Trust me! The more you practice the easier it gets, a new healthy habit is set and you will start to see your life transform moment by moment.

Please share the love & light and share the post with your friends.  Thank you for bringing LIGHT to someone's darkness. #bethelight

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