Why are you feeling impatient with yourself?

What is it that you want to change?

How much time are you willing to take in order to achieve your goal?

Your life is ever evolving and changing.

Embrace change.  Embrace the discomfort.

Trust your inner guidance.  Your intuition.

Nothing is worth more than this present moment.

How can you shift your focus to honour where you are?

Would you rather stay where you are right now or move forward?

Don’t give up on yourself.

It is not easier to quit.  

Quitting only prolongs your process.

What you give up is not discomfort but the possibility of something greater.

Keep pushing through no matter what.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.

Tomorrow only exists right now in your mind.

Who knows what tomorrow may present to you.

Send yourself love and compassion.

Offer patience to yourself.

You are where you are meant to be right now.

You have everything you need right now.

Be kind to you,

Vanessa Leung
Live Freely

P.S. Who else in your life needs to hear this? Make an impact and share these words with them.

If you are trying to make some life changes right now, but having trouble being patient with yourself,  I can help you find out why that is and how to work through it.  That way you can focus on what matters most to you.  Schedule a discovery call to find out how.

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