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How you perceive your problems can help you OR deter you.

Most of us are trained to think of problems as being a negative thing.  There’s a discomfort in trying to solve a problem. “It’s a pain or inconvenience.”

Today, I would like to offer to you another way of looking at your problems.

You may have learned this from me previously, but the more you practice something, the more it becomes part of your life.

Circumstances are factual things that happen in our lives.  They are things that everyone can agree on.

For example:

  • I have 20 current projects.
  • I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.
  • I have a client.
  • I had a childhood.
  • My parents are divorced.
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Circumstances are completely neutral until we have a thought about the circumstance.

Depending on the thought we choose, the circumstance can be viewed as an inconvenience or painful problem to solve.

Another way to put it is this.  The painful problem only exists when we have a thought that causes us to feel a discomfort or pain about the circumstance.

If we perceive a circumstance as a painful problem, it will only cause us misery.

So what then?

What will it be if it’s not a problem?

A problem is an opportunity. 

A problem is an opportunity to learn and grow as a human.

A problem is an opportunity to make a decision.

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That’s all it is.  A decision.

Life presents to us every day, these problems >>> challenges >>> opportunities >>> choices to help us grow and evolve.

Where it becomes a real problem for us when we think a thought that causes our circumstance to feel horrible, like it’s the worst possible thing that can happen.

We end up creating a whole story and all this drama around it, when it’s really just a decision we have to make.

Stick to the facts, remove the story, choose to make a decision and follow-through with your decision.

Trust that it’s the best decision for you at this time.

It’s that simple.

This is how we keep moving forward.

Circumstances don’t happen TO us.
Circumstances happen FOR us.

They are merely opportunities for us to decide how we want to think about it.


Much love.


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