If there is only one healthy habit that I would to recommend to all my Clients to incorporate daily, it’s to HYDRATE successfully!  So many of us go about our day completely dehydrated with barely 3 cups of water.  

You will notice that even by making this small change you can make a huge difference in how you feel! When your body is dehydrated, your body will slow down cell function, the blood will thicken and toxins will hang out in the body.  

Hydration is key for healthy skin, transporting nutrients to organs, delivers oxygen, aid digestion, support elimination, increase energy levels and most importantly for our BRAIN HEALTH!


  • Print out the ‘Hydration Calendar’, post it up on the fridge at home or wherever you will see it whenever you go to get a cup of water.  Keep a pen handy next to the calendar.  This printout will cover you for the month.
  • Follow the following calculations (also provided in the calendar) and write down your recommended intake per day.


YOUR WEIGHT IN POUNDS (LBS): ___________ multiplied by 2/3 = ___________ (the number of ounces)
Your number of ounces ___________ \ 8 ounces per cup = ___________number of cups of filtered water per day
150lbs x 2/3 = 100 ounces
100 ounces \ 8 ounces per cup = 12.5 cups of filtered water per day
  • Keep a tally of how many cups or millilitres (1 cups = approx. 250ml) of water you drank that day.  Notice your average for the week and make a goal to drink 1 cup more on average the following week.
  • Your goal is to eventually drink up to your recommended intake.  This can include herbal caffeine-free teas (not juice, coffee or sodas) for the first while, until you get used to drinking your recommended amount.

It is recommended to drink room temperature or warm filtered water when possible.  You can squeeze some fresh lemon/lime juice in it for extra cleansing benefit or flavouring.  Other options for flavouring include - sliced cucumbers or wild berries.

If you’re out and about and don’t have access to the calendar handy, you can use your water bottle as a tracking device.  Start with determining how the volume of water that your favourite water bottle can hold and then how many fills you would require in a day to meet your recommended intake.  Typical water bottles carry about 2-3 cups of water.  

Using rubber bands as trackers, each rubber band represents 1 fill of the water bottle.  For example, if your water bottle holds 2 cups of water and you required 8 cups of water, you would use 4 rubber bands as trackers.  Then determine your start point for the day.  You can either, start your day with all the rubber bands strapped to the top of the water bottle near the lip, or at the base of the bottle.  Once you consume one bottle worth, you can move the first rubber band to the opposite end of the bottle.

I recommend you pick out a water bottle that you love and is easy to bring around with you.  Be sure to choose one that’s BPA-free and BPS-free.  To avoid any doubt, use glass or stainless steel bottles to be safe.  Make it fun and colourful with the bands if you like!  

Let me know how this works out for you!  HAPPY HYDRATION!

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