Self-kindness and appreciation starts now.
You're highly driven and you want to enjoy every moment of your life and business.

You would like to stop judging yourself and stop caring about what others think. 

You are here to shift humanity in your unique way.
You know you have what it takes to succeed with more ease and joy. 
You know it’s possible to have it all. 


You don't know how to do it without overthinking every move.  

What if nothing was wrong here and there's NOTHING MORE YOU NEED TO DO?

Feel the fear and have fun anyways.

The only thing that distracts you from fully trusting your creative genius is believing that your fears and worries have power over you.
Spiralling in the same thought patterns is only a protective mechanism that keeps you safe from the unknown.
What if you can show yourself that the unknown can be exciting, always giving AND a safe space to be in?
What if you could embrace the thrilling discomfort of pursuing what you want, the way you want it, rather than keeping yourself busy with things that doesn't energize you?
What if having a healthy relationship with doubt and shame is part of your success?

There is a deep knowing in you that you can trust. Your only task is to honour it.


 Fear of the unknown.
Fear of getting it wrong.
Fear of disappointing others. 
Fear of self-sabotage.
Fear of success.
What if you knew how to move through all these fears and worries no matter what happens in your life and business?

A new perfect.

The overthinking and over-analyzing only perpetuates when you're not fully acknowledging the fullness of who you are.
You already know everything you need.
You are already have everything you need.
You are already the person you want to be.
Forcing yourself to take action with positive self-talk and listening to your favourite motivational speakers is only a temporary boost.
Watching other people do what they do and comparing yourself to them isn't going to motivate you more.
If you want to feel less pressure and exhaustion day to day, first make a deliberate choice to feel free and ease ON PURPOSE.


Self Mastery isn’t finding what you’re missing and fixing the problem. Self Mastery is recognizing that you're not missing anything and that you are not a problem to be fixed.
It is a DEVOTION to the AMPLE LOVE and JOY that you have to offer ALREADY.
Your success is ever-flowing and it's up to you to see that as your truth NOW.
Not when you have more time, or when you have more social proof.
You have it all now.
Devote yourself to seeing it everyday and you cannot unsee it.


Self Mastery is  . . .
  • SELF-WORTH. No matter what you do or don't do . . . YOU ARE WORTHY.
  • SELF-TRUST. No matter what your inner critic says . . . YOU TRUST.
  • SELF-INTIMACY. No matter how hard it might feel . . . YOU HOLD YOURSELF THROUGH IT. 


Fear is only an inconvenience because you haven't been acquainted with its truth.


PAUSE FOR A MOMENT.  Take this all in.
What would your life and business be like if you were to respond to every little nagging thought that comes your way with deep love, trust and open curiousity?
Would you feel more light?
Would you feel more in control?
The "I should's, I have to's, I got to's and I need to's" would have little weight to your day.


You can finally relax into where you are now and take action from ease and natural confidence.


Self-mastery is...
  • CONNECTION. Showing up for yourself and others in full alignment with what's true for you.
  • ABUNDANCE. To have, offer and receive never-ending gifts to yourself and others no matter how you're feeling in the moment. 
  • FREEDOM. Knowing you and your life will always be taken care of by your creative genius. 
Living a life that feels FULL and LOVING can also mean that your work can be FUN and FLOWING.
Allow me to show you how to . . .

Land Acknowledgement

I respectfully acknowledge the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh speaking peoples, and all the Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast, on whose traditional and unceded territories I live, work and play.


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